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Spin – 1999

Zeros Bodies+ One: the handmade and the virtual Galleries 1 & 2 Sydney College of the Arts, Balmain Rd, Rozelle 6 to 10 August, 1998 (MVA examination exhibition)

Spin – 1999

Spin explores the relationship between human beings and communication technologies past and present. Spin investigates the question, “what does it mean to be human in a rapidly changing technological world”, particularly as the human body is mediation by the artificial.

“We create technology but it recreates us”

The morphing of body parts and fingerprints within a quill, book, phonogram or telephone suggest that within the space of interaction, it is unclear where the body ends and the object begins. Humans are re-envisaged as permeable entities and our technologies our companions.

By forging links between old and new, Spin sustains the processes and skills of ceramics practice, the oldest of art forms, within the context of contemporary culture. The cameleon-like, malleable qualities of clay enable a sampling of communication technology objects and actual bodies from life, which are manipulated and morphed to create critical commentary.

The interaction between art practice and everyday communication devices such as books, phones and laptop computers, extends their significance beyond the familiarity of daily use.

The ongoing interchange between body and technology suggests that the boundaries between humans and our objects of technology are permeable. Using the methods of an old craft, this exhibition spins contemporary tales.

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