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Dr Damon Moon

In an Ideal World

Shepparton Art Museum, Ceramics Art & Perception, #113, 2019


In an Ideal World: the 2019 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award at Shepparton Art Museum

Dr Patsy Hely

Subversive Botanica

Exhibition Essay, Craft & Design, Centre, Canberra


The exhibition gathers together two groups of works, the first a series of container forms, A Natural Experiment, and Rarely Seen, a foor-based installation and containers.

Altair Roelants

Interrelated Worlds

The Journal of Australian Ceramics, 52/1, 2013


Like our world, Julie Bartholomew's art practice is open to surprising shlfts and departures

Susi Muddiman and Gail McDermott

Time travel: reimagining the past

Catalogue essay, Tweed River Art Gallery


These works ask the viewer to question the familiar and discover alternative perspectives.

McCormack, C

Seven 21st-century ceramicists

Object 59, pp. 10-11, 2009


Just prior to the 3rd Australian Ceramic Triennale in Sydney in July 2009, seven ceramists gathered ...

Jacqueline Clayton

Another Silk Road

Exhibition Essay, Ivan Dougherty, UNSW


Julie Bartholomew’s view of Western culture and its impacts in China is somewhat more ambivalent. During residency periods in China, Bartholomew has traced the advance of global brand marketing and the dissemination of its seductive message in the hushed, climate controlled pavilions of designer boutiques and superstores...

Martin Saint Martin

A rail against time

Weekend Bulletin PARADISE, 2008


Porcelain sculpture makes a life-size impact at the Gold Coast City Art Gallery through new work from award-winning artist Dr Julie Bartholomew

Laura McEwan

Semiotic Robin Hoodism

The Journal of Australian Ceramics, 46/1, 2007


"Commodity fetishism is ... the penetration of capitalist power-over into the core of our being, into all our habits of thought, all our relations with other people."

Kirsten Lacy

Transitional Bodies

Exhibtion card


As Bartholomew suggests, Transitional Bodies refers to bodies that are ‘in transit’ and between destination points.

Penny Smith

Alice at the Allport

Ceramics: Art & Perception No. 69, 2007


Hybridisation continues in 'The Music Room', where Julie Bartholomew re-created a 19th century Zoetrope using ...

Dr Pam Sinnott

Transitional Bodies

Ceramics Art and Perception, No. 68, 2007


Rapt and Branded titled Julie Bartholomew’s submission for a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of NSW.

Dr Patsy Hely

Clay STATEments

Ceramics Art & Perception No. 68


Detached from the body, Bartholomew's outstretched
and extended limbs compel attention-now.

Pam Sinnott

Transitional Bodies

Ceramics, Art and Perception, No. 68 2007


The investigation examined the relationship between female body change practices and consumer

Rhonda Chrisanthou

Transitional Bodies

Craft Victoria, Craft Culture


An exhibition of white ceramics throws up a mirror to our quest for body conformity.

Kirsten Lacy

Transitional Bodies

Catalogue essay, Shepparton Art Museum


The installation, Transitional Bodies consists of four female figures that have been cast from actual
women; ...

Virginia Rigney

Winner Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award

Press Release


An unnerving trio of fine porcelain objects has been awarded the 25th Gold Coast lnternational Ceramic
Art Award

Jane Gallagher

Double Click

Craft Culture


"...there is an echo of loneliness in these works"

Maria Buchner

Morphing with porcelain

Object Magazine


Julie Bartholomew embraces the ancient practice of ceramics within the context of the new: old tunes in new worlds, Maria Buchner reports

Bronwyn Watson

The galleries

Sydney Morning Herald, 1999


Contemporary Ceramics, she has combined traditional ceramics with digital media to produce objects such as a phone, typewriter and laptop computer.

Dr Jan Guy

Zeros Bodies + Ones

SCA Gallery catalogue essay


ln this latest exhibition Julie Bartholomew merges one of the very oldest of art forms (ceramics) with the
technologies of the twentieth century that shape our present lives and our futures.

lvana Jirasek

A Matter of Weight

Nine Australian Craft Artists


ln A matter of weight nine craft artists explore how the property of weight is expressed in their work both physically and conceptually.

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