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MELT – 2019

Taoxichuan Museum, Jingdezhen, China 2019

MELT – 2019

MELT is a response to the fragility of glaciers and an increasingly threatened global environment due to climate change. Our planet is changing as glaciers in the Antarctic and Arctic Circle disappear at an accelerating rate due to global warming. The melting of ice mountains increase sea levels across the planet resulting in devastating changes to water flow.

Chinese philosophy, religion and cultural history embraces the significance of mountains. China’s sacred mountains are pathways to greater consciousness and the heavens. MELT is an exhibition that suggests the distinctive value of ice mountains. They are also sacred because glaciers hold a memory of climate history preserved as layers of ice dating back millions of years. By analysing the ice, scientists are able reconstruct the earth’s past climate and atmospheric composition. This research creates pathways to understanding climate change. MELT expresses the beauty of Antarctica and the Arctic Circle by utilising Chinese Celadon glazes and porcelain to capture the hues, tones and shades of glaciers.

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